The new V3 heater will soon be available

Gastrofrit AG will present the newly developed heating technology V3 in 2021. The heating is safer, more efficient and saves energy.

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Gastrofrit OLFO

Sustainability at its core

Gastrofrit® is working intensively on the development of a new deep fryer with a regeneration tool. Together with highly qualified partners and the support of investors a product is being developed that will use the resource deep-frying oil indefinitely. Without chemicals or other additives.

What does OLFO® stand for

OLFO® is a deep-frying center that controls the deep-frying process. With optimized energy, the heat is optimally emitted directly into the medium. The frying oil is used as a permanent resource. The aim is to use the oil indefinitely and not dispose of it as a whole. Proof of sustainability and the immense savings in frying oil and energy has been provided.