TW-350 Pastacooker (electronic device)
TW-350 Pastacooker (electronic device)
TW-350 Pastacooker (electronic device)

TW-350 Pastacooker (electronic device)

7156 CHF
Gastrofrit AG

The pasta cookers from the Gastrofrit company are produced using a specially alloyed chrome steel, which is also used in the chemical-processing industry. The equipment is controlled electronically and reacts optimally to changes in temperature. The sophisticated drainage function means that bubbling-over can be avoided. The machines are mostly equipped with water intake and drain connections. The time-controlled lifting technology is very advanced and supports the user with acoustic signals.

automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system:

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Data sheet

9 kW
13,5 A
1 x 400V, 3PNE
Breite: 350mm / Tiefe: 600mm / Höhe: 850mm / 900mm
Output Per Hour
25 kg/h (Spaghetti à la minute)
2 pieces (92 x 135 x 185 mm w x l x h)

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Product Options
Automatic safety release with one button push
Automatic safety release with one button push

Safety drainage system The automatic safety system is a ball valve which can be opened and closed automatically with a motor. The process is electronically controlled and monitored. The lower door remains closed and the hot frying oil can be drained safely into the lower container. In operation, you often have no time to let the frying oil cool down and then drain the oil. With the automatic drain, this process can be safely, controlled and discharged in the hot state. The security aspect of the gastrofrit is self-contained. In the event of a power failure, a power interruption or when the device is switched off, the safety drain is always closed with a flash battery. If the frying oil is to be drained without current, the ball valve can be opened manually. In conjunction with automatic filtration, the safety drain is a closed, intelligently controlled system. The advantages at a glance: • Safety when draining the hot frying oil. • When the fryer is switched off, the drain valve closes automatically. • Automated closed system with automatic filtration (option).


automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system
automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system

In many areas of gastronomy and especially in the kitchen, the effort of quality control is high. French fries are a good example of quality comparisons. It has been found that different users perceive the quality of French fries diversified. Yellow greasy French fries that have been fried too little are often served for time constraints. With the new Watch Volume System from Gastrofrit, the person in charge prescribes the quality once and saves it. This can be achieved by pressing the desired arrow key for 10 seconds. A simple way to define the quality. Our electronics calculates the quantity-dependent time for the quality you have specified. The Watch Volume System The electronics calculates the frying time based on the filling quantity. When the specified frying quality is reached, the basket is lifted out of the bath by means of automatic lifting or the user is informed with an acoustic tone. (The volume of the acoustics can be adjusted)

e-sensor for optimal dosing of salt
e-sensor for optimal dosing of salt
Pasta dishes are among the most popular and popular culinary specialties of the Swiss. They convince the connoisseur as well as the vegetarians and they are consciously incorporated by master chefs and top restaurateurs in the offer design and in the menu sequences. Because with pasta dishes you are a keen restaurateur and chef for sure. With the pasta cooker with salt check you are on the right way.
Even more: in its development and design department, Gastrofrit AG has developed a salt check with specialists at the top (in close cooperation with X-Sensors AG Diessenhofen, which specializes in the development and production of electronic sensors), which has applied for patents throughout Europe. The electronic salt sensor integrated in the Gastrofrit pasta cookers measures the salt content of the pasta cooker's water bath and visually and acoustically signals to the user that the salt content of the pasta water falls below a certain and determinable minimum. This is usually the case if you forgot to re-salt the water in the pasta cooker. This happens for example, in the process of automatic flooding of the protein foam and the subsequent automatic refilling of the pasta water in the pasta cooker of Gastrofrit. The salt content gradually drops, forgetting to add some salt to the pasta water again. The salt sensor is the pleasure guarantor. That's why the patented salt sensor in the Pasta Cooker from Gastrofrit automatically measures and displays when there is too little salt in the pasta water - because without enough salt in pasta water even the best pasta products are "inedible"! The patent-pending Salt-Check by Gastrofrit ensures that there is always enough salt in the water tray of the pasta cooker - an additional monitoring function that ensures more quality and continuity in the preparation of fresh pasta and durum wheat pasta in particular.
Energy Optimization
Get an professional introduction for the best usage of the device.
Capable substructure 900mm
Our Deep Fryer are available as built-in systems.
Connecting bar of two single units
Easily connect two devices together.