Company of trust

In 27 years Gastrofrit® AG has become the number one of the Swiss deep fryer manufacturer. The recipe for success: continuity in production development, customer-oriented action, constant renewal of the entire company and last but not least the corporate culture of a traditional family business.

Return on Investment

The Gastrofrit® deep fryer treats the oil gently. The life span is thus extended many times over. Often the oil is disposed of too early, as it darkens with longer use. With the electronic quality measurement the disposal takes place at the right time. The aim should be to no longer have to dispose of deep-frying oil. A large heating surface and above all a precise temperature control, which switches intelligently, are essential. With the modern control system of the Gastrofrit®, the heating is controlled in a pulsating manner, thus heating the oil gently. Considerable temperature fluctuations and large overheating are thus excluded. Our heating is directly in the medium. A deep fryer is dependent on the fact that 100% of the energy can be transferred directly into the medium oil if required, as otherwise the oil is subject to much too high temperature fluctuations when deep-frozen.

Made in Switzerland

Swiss quality also means added value in our industry. We guarantee that over 90% of our added value takes place in Switzerland. The production of the equipment including the heating, oil check, oil filtration system is in Switzerland.

Schlegel AG

Blumenfeldstrasse 14

9403 Goldach

Phone +41 71 844 26 26


The company Schlegel AG is a sheet metal processing company with 120 employees. It is the parent company of Gastrofrit. Since over 55 years, complex orders are being developed and delivered as key supplier for wagon manufacturers. The railroad component construction applies in addition to the aircraft and automotive industry one of the most demanding industries.

Schlegel Sp. z o.o. ul.

Tarnobrzeska 14, lok.9

PL 26-600 Radom

Phone + 48 48 389 80 90


The Polish location complements the Schlegel AG. This company also has its strengths in sheet metal technology. As well as in the assembly of large orders and in series production. 

AZA Ausbildungszentren AG

Altenrhein 9423 Altenrhein

Tel. +41 71 858 45 80


The AZA Ausbildungszentren AG has an almost unique proximity to practical experience. This means that our apprentices are often involved in productive jobs - the optimal training for responsibility and reliability. Occupational safety and health protection are top priorities in the training of apprentices.


Reliability, innovation and quality are our values. Our origin is sheet metal and metal processing. Our future is complex services around the construction of deep fryers and pastacookers and their complementary products for the catering industry.

Gastrofrit® wants to be the leading manufacturer of deep fat fryers and pastacookers for the catering industry in Europe.

Our customers should be surprised by the quality of our products and services. The cooperation with Gastrofrit® should be as easy and uncomplicated as if we were part of the customer's organization.

Our company wants to offer secure jobs in the medium and long term and be an attractive employer. Our employees should enjoy an interesting job.

Gastrofrit is used globally and should be a global brand!


We want to combine the flexibility and customer orientation of a founding company with the professionalism and management competence of an industrial enterprise.

Highly qualified employees, Lean structures and modern machinery coupled with strong project and quality management form the basis for our success.

Attractive workplaces with interesting and varied tasks as well as a good working atmosphere attract motivated, dynamic and optimistic employees. We want to have fun with our work.