Technische Angaben

Leistung 9 kW
Amperé 13 A
Volt 3x400V, 3PNE
Ölinhalt 15 - 20 Lt.
Frittierkorb 1 oder 2 Stück
Abmessung 350 x 600 x 850 / 900 mm
Stundenleistung 25 kg/h (Spaghetti à la minute)

Production machine for pasta: PMM - 181 

Device description
With the new device ,you have the possibility to produce a varietie of fresh pasta. For your new project, you can even create your own pasta
After a short training period you can start your pasta production by your own. You create pasta in various colors and flavors Several tools which ensure a constant quality are available. You can also define your own matrix, inventing own pasta creations. Give free rein to your ideas and set yourself apart from your competitors


  • Base with integrated ventilation
  • The price of the base is already included
  • Electronically controlled and adjustable cutting unit for an automatic production
  • All parts are made of solid material for continuous operation
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • High safety level during production process with electronic monitoring
  • Compact and easy to clean machine
  • Splash proof construction
  • Dough tray made of 5 mm stainless steel
  • Wide range of matrices for pastas
  • swift change of matrices possible
  • Integrated ventilation for drying the pasta. . No sticking together for an efficient production
  • CE approved

After a brief instruction, you are ready to start your pasta production

key data

capacity (Mixer)
hourly output /h
hourly output /h


1.1 kW
1.6 A
1x400V / 50 Hz
7 kg
15 kg /h (mix and press afterwards)
30 kg /h (press continuously) 

560mm / height with base: 1270 mm
500 mm
700 mm / depth (open drawer): 980 mm
Gewicht: 130 kg


Data sheet

Auch in Kombination mit:

Ravioli Maker

The PMM-RAV works together with the Gastrofrit® PMM-181. With the new PMM-RAV, you have the possibility to make various fresh, filled ravioli pastas. Following a brief period for familiarisation and training, you can start making your very own ravioli. Produce your own individual fillings and flavours. Various tools are provided to ensure constant quality. You can also define your own moulds to invent your own type of pasta. Let your imagination run wild and set yourself apart from the competition.

Advantages at a glance

Table-top design for flexible use
• Double dough discs with various forms
• Make all sorts of different ravioli types with this machine
• Filling volume can be adjusted
• Conforms to safety norms and built with the highest-quality materials
• Completely plated in stainless steel
• Robust and user-friendly
• CE-certified

After brief instruction, you’re ready to start producing your own pasta.


The pasta cookers from the Gastrofrit company are produced using a specially alloyed chrome steel, which is also used in the chemical-processing industry. The equipment is controlled electronically and reacts optimally to changes in temperature.

The sophisticated drainage function means that bubbling-over can be avoided. The machines are mostly equipped with water intake and drain connections.

The time-controlled lifting technology is very advanced and supports the user with acoustic signals.

Advantages at a glance

Easy to clean
• Dryer-safe telescopic element: residue flakes off
• Sophisticated design: rounded, no unnecessary corners
• Equipment on four wheels

• Automatic temperature regulation
• High-performance heating for efficient “mise en place” preparation
• Constant quality, even through different types of pasta
• Can also be used for rice and vegetables
• Various portion containers made of chrome steel
• Programmable automatic basket-lifting device (optional)
• Electronic drainage with inlet and outlet (filling up basin and rinsing away starch)

Swiss quality
• Manufactured entirely in Switzerland
• Top-quality chrome steel
• Splash-proof (IP 54)
• CE certified
• Also available as sophisticated built-in solution