OLFO varant d

OLFO varant d


The Olfo fryer covers all of your frying requirements
The Olfo is designed for use in the system catering industry. Its ease of use and stable construction are ideal to cope with rough handling by its users. Baskets and vulnerable surfaces have been braced and reinforced. With an audible alert system and automatic basket lifting, everyday deep-frying is a simple task. The appliance will also calculate the frying time and specified frying quality if required.

Its new oil management system is aimed at no longer having to change the oil, provided that the system is used every day and often enough to be able to top up the regenerated frying oil with fresh oil. Thanks to the electronic temperature monitoring function, in conjunction with the automatic filtration system, the frying oil is treated gently and regenerated.

Plugin Heater
Power Heater
automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system
Automatic safety release with one button push
Automatic oil pump filtration
Energy Optimization

Putting together the optimum appliance with options
Put together your own personal deep-fryer. You can select everything from a budget fryer for mobile snack bars to a high-quality appliance for system catering. Thanks to our modern assembly infrastructure, all features are available as options. Specially designed appliances are also part of our standard service. For gourmet restaurants we offer fryer baskets for „matchstick fries,“ and our electronics can be programmed for special deep-frying techniques such as „tempura fried.“ We can provide special baskets with fish grids for fish restaurants, etc.

variant b:

  1. frying basin, 17 Liter
  2. warming station for french fries
  3. frying basin, 9 Liter
  4. frying basin, 9 Liter


Data sheet

2x7.2 kW and 14 kW and 1.1 kW (power option: 2x9.2 kW and 16 kW and 1.1 kW)
1x21 A and 2x11 A (power option: 1x24 A and 2x14 A)
3x400v, 3 PNE and 1x230 V, PNE
Oil Volumina
35 liter
Frying basket
3 - 4 pieces
Width: 1227 mm / depth: 694 mm / height: 900 mm (extended basket-lift: 1065 mm)
Output Per Hour
1x37 kg frozen fries/h and 2x17 kg frozen fries/h (power option: 1x50 kg and 2x23 kg frozen fries/h)

Specific References

Product Options
Plugin Heater
Plugin Heater

Plug-in heater The heat transfer from a heater located directly in the oil medium is still one of the quickest and most efficient methods. The energy is emitted almost entirely directly. The disadvantage is the effort involved in cleaning. Cleaning the fryer is usually the most time-consuming and unpleasant task. With the option of the plug-in and removable heater, it can be easily cleaned in the wet area. The heater is dishwasherproof. The tank is also rendered easily accessible. In addition, the heater bars can be left to soak overnight if required. Dirty heater bars have a seriously insulating effect and shorten service life. Advantages at a glance: • The interior of the fryer is easily accessible and easy to clean. • The heater goes in the dishwasher. • Service-friendly. • The changeover to a power heater is possible at any time.

plugIn heater

Power Heater
Power Heater
More power for kitchen professionals
In connection with the new Fittingbox you get a power heating offered at the same time. You therefore have a precise high performance device. Depending on the situation, you can deep-fry up to 50 kg of frozen French fries in one hour. Or benefit from the intelligent stand-by function and the economical SSR technology at a quiet time. Our power heating technology is intelligently designed and does not unnecessarily overheat or wear expensive frying oil.
You decide on a new fryer of the second generation and want to fry first with the conventional power. Do you want to try a heater with more power? No problem, call us. We will send you the power heater. You can use these and just start. Our fitting box detects the power heating and regulates it with the temperature sensor (PT-1000).
Automatic oil pump filtration
Automatic oil pump filtration

Automatic oil filtration
We distinguish between an automatic oil filtration system and the oil pump option. The newly developed oil filtration system has the possibility to have the frying oil cleaned by push of a button. The oil is drained with an electric drain cock and is simultaneously regenerated with the filter system and cleaned in the lower area. The medium is automatically transported back into the frying area. During filtration, finest dirt particles are removed in the micro-range (40 μm). The continuous heating of the particles shortens the life span of the frying oil by a multiple. The filtration can be carried out shortly after a rush hour, for example after the lunch business, with the hot oil. In connection with the plug-in heating, the cleaning is simple, fast and comfortable. It is certainly advantageous if the cleaning aspect of a device is taken into account when purchasing. Ask for our profitability analysis.

The advantages at a glance:
• The oil is filtered and regenerated at the push of a button.
• No manual intervention, thanks to an electric drain cock and the pump.
• Increased safety as the hot frying oil does not have to be emptied.

Automatic safety release with one button push
Automatic safety release with one button push

Safety drainage system
The automatic safety system is a ball valve which can be opened and closed automatically with a motor. The process is electronically controlled and monitored. The lower door remains closed and the hot frying oil can be drained safely into the lower container. In operation, you often have no time to let the frying oil cool down and then drain the oil. With the automatic drain, this process can be safely, controlled and discharged in the hot state. The security aspect of the gastrofrit is self-contained. In the event of a power failure, a power interruption or when the device is switched off, the safety drain is always closed with a flash battery. If the frying oil is to be drained without current, the ball valve can be opened manually. In conjunction with automatic filtration, the safety drain is a closed, intelligently controlled system.

The advantages at a glance:
• Safety when draining the hot frying oil.
• When the fryer is switched off, the drain valve closes automatically.
• Automated closed system with automatic filtration (option).
automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system
automatic basket-lift & Smart watch volume system

In many areas of gastronomy and especially in the kitchen, the effort of quality control is high. French fries are a good example of quality comparisons. It has been found that different users perceive the quality of French fries diversified. Yellow greasy French fries that have been fried too little are often served for time constraints. With the new Watch Volume System from Gastrofrit, the person in charge prescribes the quality once and saves it. This can be achieved by pressing the desired arrow key for 10 seconds. A simple way to define the quality. Our electronics calculates the quantity-dependent time for the quality you have specified.

The Watch Volume System
The electronics calculates the frying time based on the filling quantity.
When the specified frying quality is reached, the basket is lifted out of the bath by means of automatic lifting or the user is informed with an acoustic tone. (The volume of the acoustics can be adjusted)
Energy Optimization
Get an professional introduction for the best usage of the device.