The Olfo fryer covers all of your frying requirements

The Olfo is designed for use in the system catering industry. Its ease of use and stable construction are ideal to cope with rough handling by its users. Baskets and vulnerable surfaces have been braced and reinforced. With an audible alert system and automatic basket lifting, everyday deep-frying is a simple task. The appliance will also calculate the frying time and specified frying quality if required.

Its new oil management system is aimed at no longer having to change the oil, provided that the system is used every day and often enough to be able to top up the regenerated frying oil with fresh oil. Thanks to the electronic temperature monitoring function, in conjunction with the automatic filtration system, the frying oil is treated gently and regenerated

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Putting together the optimum appliance with options

Put together your own personal deep-fryer. You can select everything from a budget fryer for mobile snack bars to a high-quality appliance for system catering. Thanks to our modern assembly infrastructure, all features are available as options. Specially designed appliances are also part of our standard service. For gourmet restaurants we offer fryer baskets for „matchstick fries,“ and our electronics can be programmed for special deep-frying techniques such as „tempura fried.“ We can provide special baskets with fish grids for fish restaurants, etc.

Control box with all electronic components

The sturdiness and reliability of its appliances are among the key strategic elements of Gastrofrit®. We achieved this through the control unit or fitting box redesigned in 2008. A modular control unit for simple replacement is ideal for the international service business. As a result, we can guarantee first-level support, i.e. the simple replacement of the control unit provided locally by semi-professionals. The fitting box is a self-contained unit containing all electronic and control-related components. The electronics and associated software are continuously updated and modern features such as Wi-Fi are added.
All Gastrofrit® floor-standing models and even the pasta cooker are controlled by means of the same, standardized fitting box. It can also be used to control appliances from other manufacturers. All electrical connections are plug-in connections and the unit is easily installed.

Advantages of the new fitting box

  • All parts follow the plug-in principle (e.g. the oil check can be retrofitted.)
  • Two-line display in real time, for the complete display of instructions and error information
  • Standby function: (time-programmable, step-by-step temperature reduction)
  • With the latest SSR (solid-state relay) pulse switch.   Compared with mechanical switches, you make massive electricity savings.
  • In conjunction with temperature measurement using the PT-1000, control and monitoring are unsurpassed.
  • The control unit is equipped with Wi-Fi and UBS ports.
  • All user controls are logical and simple to use. Information is displayed in a convenient format and supported by audible alerts.
  • The display can be operated up to 3 meters away from the fitting box.
  • No programming and no expertise are required.
  • Ultra-simple operation using the membrane keyboard.

Automatic oil filtration

The focus of the OLFO Engineering and Development was placed on the regeneration of frying oil. The decades of experience in deep fat fryer manufacturing was drawn on significantly here.
The newly developed oil filtering system offers the possibility of cleaning the frying oil at the touch of a button. The oil is drained with an electric drain tap and, at the same time, filtered with the filtering system and regenerated in the lower area. In the first instance, the frying oil, in a hot state, is filtered in a collection container using a heat-resistant nonwoven fabric. During this process, the finest particles of dirt in the micro range (40 µm) are removed.
The precleaned oil is drawn through the filter using a high-performance pump unit. Microscopically small odour particles are absorbed.

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The continuous heating of the particles significantly shortens the service life of the frying oil. The filtration can be performed shortly after rush hour,
e.g. after lunchtime business, with the hot oil.
Following this process, the oil is once again ready to be used, even after intensive use. With the automatic oil filtering system and the correct application, the polar fractions of 22% are not exceeded. The filtering process is controlled and monitored electronically. The pans are automatically opened one after the other and the oil is continuously filtered and regenerated. The aim is to no longer replace the oil but instead only top it up.

In conjunction with the heating system, which can be disconnected, cleaning is simple, quick and convenient. It is certainly of advantage when the cleaning aspect of a device is taken into account when it is purchased. Request our profitability calculation.

Intelligent heating technology

Energy output governed and controlled via the heating is the most important measure to extend the service life of the oil. Deep fat fryers that distribute their energy over surfaces that are too small harm the frying oil from the very first use. There is a risk of elevated acrylamide, which represents an increased risk of cancer. Gastrofrit® heats the oil with a three-section heating system and has the greatest possible heating surface. The energy is distributed over the surface and does not reach the value of over 2.2 watts per cm².
Standby function with energy reduction can be set individually. 


Quality assurance

Fries are a good example of the quality comparisons that guests make. With the new Watch Volume system from Gastrofrit®, quality is predefined by management and can be guaranteed with a simple quality assurance scheme.

The Watch Volume system

The electronics calculate the frying time depending on fill level. When the preset frying quality has been achieved, the basket is automatically lifted out of the tank or the user is notified by means of an audible alert. (The volume of the audible alert can be adjusted.)

Power heater

More power for kitchen professionals
The power heater is a heater that can also be retrofitted. Efficiency is increased by approx. 30%. In a very busy kitchen it is well worth fitting one, as you get a high-precision, high-performance appliance. In a normally busy kitchen the power heater makes no difference. We have dispensed with imprecise mechanical control circuits and use energy pulses instead. Our power heater technology is constructed according to our savings guidelines and does not cause the oil to overheat or to deteriorate unnecessarily.

Plug-in heater

The heat transfer from a heater located directly in the oil medium is still one of the quickest and most efficient methods. The energy is emitted almost entirely directly. The disadvantage is the effort involved in cleaning.
Cleaning the fryer is usually the most time-consuming and unpleasant task. With the option of the plug-in and removable heater, it can be easily cleaned in the wet area. The heater is dishwasher-proof. The tank is also rendered easily accessible. In addition, the heater bars can be left to soak overnight if required. Dirty heater bars have a seriously insulating effect and shorten service life.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The interior of the fryer is easily accessible and easy to clean.
  • The heater goes in the dishwasher.
  • Service-friendly.
  • The changeover to a power heater is possible at any time.

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