Company that is family-run                              


A company you can trust.

Family-run businesses in typical Swiss tradition. In 27 years Gastrofrit® AG became the Swiss fryer manufacturer number one. The recipe for success:

  • The products are constantly evolving.
  • Customer-oriented action,
  • Constant renewal of the entire company with respect to the tradition of a family business

Return on Investment

The Gastrofrit® fryer gently treats the oil. Through optimization and technical measures, the use of oil is extended many times over. The oil is often disposed of too early, because it darkens with prolonged use. Our goal is not to dispose of oil anymore. A large heating surface and, above all, precise temperature control that switches intelligently are the most important requirements. With the modern control of the Gastrofrit®, the heating is pulsating and thus the oil is gently heated. Significant temperature fluctuations and high overheating are thus excluded.nsere Heizung ist direkt im Medium. 

Made in Switzerland

Swiss quality also adds value in our industry. 

Gastrofrit AG  Gastrofrit AG  Gastrofrit AG

Gastrofrit AG belongs to the Schlegel Group (Schlegelgruppe):

Gastrofrit AG


Schlegel AG
Blumenfeldstrasse 14
9403 Goldach

Tel. +41 71 844 26 26

The company Schlegel AG is a sheet metal processing supplier with 120 employees and is the parent company. For more than 55 years, complex orders have been developed and delivered as key suppliers for wagon manufacturers. Railway component construction is one of the most demanding sectors in addition to aircraft and automotive engineering.


Schlegel Sp. z o.o.
ul. Tarnobrzeska 14, lok.9
PL 26-600 Radom

Telefon: + 48 48 389 80 90

The Polish company complements Schlegel AG. This also has the strengths in sheet metal technology. As well as in the assembly of large orders and in mass production.

AZA Ausbildungszentren AG
Park Altenrhein
9423 Altenrhein

Tel. 071 858 45 80

AZA Ausbildungszentren AG

The venture is a training center that has an almost unique proximity to practice. This means that our learners are often involved in productive work - the optimal training for responsibility and reliability. Occupational health and safety is paramount in the training of learners.