Technische Angaben

Leistung 3.2 kW
Volt 230 V / 50 Hz
Ölinhalt 5-6 Lt.
Frittierkorb 1 Stück
Abmessung 190 x 425 x 330

table model, FT - 6

The table model is electromechanically controlled and allows flexible working.

Deep fry

Thanks to rubber stands the table model has a solid stability. The controller is protected by two thermostats. If the working thermostat fails, the safety thermostat will shut off the power. The heater is equipped with a fuse.

Economical use of oil

An optimal heating surface ensures a economical, oil-saving frying.

Easy cleaning

The table model can be disassembled in a few simple steps. The heater is easy to clean. The basket, pan and chrome steel jacket are dishwasher-safe.

Technical specifications

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Power 3.2 kW
Tension 230V / 50Hz
Capacity 5-6 Lt.
Frying basket 1 piece
Dimensions 190x425x330 cm

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