Technical specifications

power 10kW
Amp 15 A
volt 3 x 400V, 3PNE
oil content 12 Lt.
frying basket 1 piece
dimension 300 x 600 x 850 / 900mm
hourly output 26 kg frozen fries / h

Fryer ELM - 300 

The device is designed for a long lasting everyday use. It has been
integrated a resistant electromechanical control. The series is suitable
for Gastro-kitchens, snack and catering establishments.

Automatic oil filtration

Automatic oil filtration

We distinguish between an automatic oil filtration system and the oil pump option. The newly developed oil filtration system has the possibility to have the frying oil cleaned by push of a button. The oil is drained with an electric drain cock and is simultaneously regenerated with the filter system and cleaned in the lower area.

The medium is automatically transported back into the frying area. During filtration, finest dirt particles are removed in the micro-range (40 μm). The continuous heating of the particles shortens the life span of the frying oil by a multiple. The filtration can be carried out shortly after a rush hour, for example after the lunch business, with the hot oil. In connection with the plug-in heating, the cleaning is simple, fast and comfortable. It is certainly advantageous if the cleaning aspect of a device is taken into account when purchasing. Ask for our profitability analysis.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The oil is filtered and regenerated at the push of a button.
  • No manual intervention, thanks to an electric drain cock and the pump.
  • Increased safety as the hot frying oil does not have to be emptied.

Safety drainage system

Safety drainage system

The automatic safety system is a ball valve which can be opened and closed automatically with a motor. The process is electronically controlled and monitored. The lower door remains closed and the hot frying oil can be drained safely into the lower container. In operation, you often have no time to let the frying oil cool down and then drain the oil.

With the automatic drain, this process can be safely, controlled and discharged in the hot state. The security aspect of the gastrofrit is self-contained. In the event of a power failure, a power interruption or when the device is switched off, the safety drain is always closed with a flash battery.

If the frying oil is to be drained without current, the ball valve can be opened manually. In conjunction with automatic filtration, the safety drain is a closed, intelligently controlled system.

The advantages at a glance:

  •  Safety when draining the hot frying oil.
  •  When the fryer is switched off, the drain valve closes automatically.
  •  Automated closed system with automatic filtration (option).

General benefits

  • Simple operation with rotary switch
  • Self-cleaning telescopic heating element
  • Mode with economy switching
  • Rounded, no needless corners
  • Oil pump filtration (optional)
  • Large heating surface for gentle heating
  • Mode with economy switching
  • Unit on four castors made of soil-repellent material
  • Also available as a drop-in solution


  • Automatic safety release at the push of a button
  • Oil pump filtration
  • Base 900 mm

Technical specifications

key data


Power 10 kW
Fuse 15 A
Tension 1x400V, 3PNE
Capacity 12 Lt.
Frying basket 1 piece
Dimensions 300x600x850 / 900 mm
Hourly Output 26 kg df chips/h

Item number

Stand Item Built-In
101130 101135